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Best videography services

Best Videography Services in Abu Dhabi

Trendz Agency is a market-leading video production services provider in Dubai. We cover everything from brand videos to promotional content as well as corporate and event photography and videography, to create a stunning visual experience for your target audience.
We are a full-service video production company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. and We have worked with a plethora of brands, businesses, and government departments to provide them with quality video production services that leave the audience inspired and in awe.

We have a team of creative videography professionals with an extensive experience in corporate and event video production. handle everything from the production to the shooting as well as the post-production editing.

Why Choose Our Videography Services?

Research suggests that almost 78% of online users spend most of their time watching videos online. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to position themselves in the eyes of their audience, through quality video production.
This is the reason why most digital marketers recommend incorporating video content into the digital marketing mix.
And This is where the Trendz Agency comes in!
We offer professional videography services for businesses who want to document their brand story or for people who want a stunning video captured for their event. We aspire to help businesses meet their goals with our premium quality video production services.

Our Videography Services

From brand stories to promotional videos as well as corporate or personal event photography, our expert videographers have the skills and the experience to handle every video production task.
Here is a brief overview of our video production services:

Brand Story

Every business has a unique story that sets them apart from the crowd. People don’t buy a product. They buy the feeling that you sell through your product. And the best way to introduce your audience to that “feeling” is through a quality brand story video. With our brand story video production services, you’d be able to engage your audience in a meaningful way.

Event Videos

Event videos for personal or professional purposes are important as they serve as memorabilia of the old times. You want to make sure that you get the best possible event video coverage so that you get a video that you can cherish forever. Trendz Agency recognizes the importance of creating quality event videos and we are willing to go out of our way to help you get the kind of video that you want.

Corporate / Commercial

We create premium quality corporate videos including documentaries, training videos, safety demonstrations, and more. also we specialize in commercial video production where we help businesses explain their narrative and introduce their audience to the core principles, mission, and vision of their business.

Product Reviews

Research suggests that visual content is easier to consume as compared with written content. We create engaging product reviews and demo videos so that your audience can see your products and services in action. When your audience sees the way your product works, they are more likely to purchase it as compared with just reading the review.


If you have some new products, services, and offers that you want your audience to know about, creating a promo video is the way to go. We help create stunning and engaging promo videos to spark the interest of your audience in what you have to say.

Explainer Videos

The idea behind explainer videos is to make your products and services easy to understand for your audience. But it is more than that. An engaging explainer video doesn’t just make a complex topic simple; they are supposed to make the content fun so that it leaves an ever-lasting impression on your audience. We create professional yet classy explainer videos that help you express yourself in an authentic way. SEO.

Social Media

Using social media platforms is the best way to set yourself up as a thought leader in your specific domain. And using videos is the best way to accomplish that as it helps you interact with your audience in a real way. Our premium social media video production services will help you engage your audience and grow your social media following with stunning visuals and unparalleled video quality.

Drone Videography

Drone videography has opened up an entirely new avenue of video production for businesses and brands where they get to look at their business in a whole new light. We provide professional drone videography services to help businesses capture their business processes or an event from a 360o aerial perspective.

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Our Process

Pre-production Setup
We start by carefully planning the entire video production strategy as per your demands and preferences. We iron out the details down to the tiniest bits to ensure that we create a smooth video production experience for you.

We use the latest videography equipment and techniques while capturing the video to ensure that you get a high-quality video for your media project. Our camera crew along with the directors oversee all the details to ensure that the video is captured from the best possible angles.


Once the footage is brought in, our talented editors, graphic designers, and animation experts start working on the video to create a stunning piece of art that reflects your goals and aspirations. We offer complete post-production services including 2D & 3D animation, visual effects, voiceovers, sound adjustment, and color correction.

 Project Delivery
Once the project is completed, we deliver the final version to you in a medium of your choice. For example, you get to choose the file format that you want for your video. 

What would it be like to work with us?

Our team of dedicated event videographers know how to approach every project of every scale, detail and type in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE. From single-camera studio interviews to multi-camera commercial photography, videogarphy, video coverage and video production for the brand. We always give you ideas and solutions if you want to use videos to promote your new product, brand, vision or simply to capture memories of your long-awaited event.