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Working with a photography agency is a great way to get access to the best photographers and equipment available. and Having the skills and knowledge of the photographers. and their teams can help provide an experience that is truly unique and special. These agencies often come with a variety of packages. that are tailored to suit any budget. The photographers can also provide guidance on styling. and setting up shots, so clients get exactly the look they want. photography agency.

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photography services - Trendz Agency - Trendz Agency
Photography Services in Abu Dhabi - Trendz Agency - Trendz Agency

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Paragraph 0 Text: The world of photography is vast and ever-growing. With the advent of digital technology. and the internet, anyone with a camera and some knowledge can become a professional photographer. so In an effort to simplify the process, many photographers have turned to photography agencies for help. 

A photography services acts as a liaison between the photographer and clients, helping to market, sell, and secure projects – giving photographers a chance to focus on what they do best: taking truly remarkable photos.

WEWE Global Dubai Retreat - Trendz Agency - Trendz Agency

WEWE Dubai Retreat 2022.
We are pleased to showcase our latest Retreat Corporate Video for our new partner WEWE Global. The WEWE Global project was born from the idea of creating a decentralized system in the cryptocurrency market.

Our team did a great job trying to tell the story of WEWE’s 5 days retreat. shooting everyday sequence was a challenge specially the Desert. and Dubai Autodrome sequence, but the production team could handle it and the editing team did well telling the story.

We are honored to work with WEWE Global, They are such an innovative and creative team. photography.


Marketing Executive: Georges Mardini
 Marketing Manager: Adel Omar
Special Thanks to : Rita Farahat – Bilal Ghalayini
Voice Over :Hussien Fakih
Producer: Sadek Malhis
BTS: Ahmed Kaj
Production Designer: Robert Minassian
Copywriter: Riham Salah/Ali Lotfy

Zahrat Lebnan is one of the most famous restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, and it has been around since 1983.
In the monthly plan consultation session, the client suggested an idea for a commercial video that he was very interested in,
We at Trends Agency studied the idea and started planning to work on it, where a screenplay of the idea was made and then
presented to the client. photography.

The work was welcomed, and it began to be executed with all professionalism and accuracy.
The result was just as amazing as the client had imagined it.

Zahrat Lebnan Abu Dhabi Commercial - Trendz Agency - Trendz Agency

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A photography agency can provide a wide range of services to photographers, from digital image manipulation to copyright protection. Many agencies offer their services on a contractual basis, 

meaning. that photographers can use their services for as long as they need them. Additionally, most agencies have a range of different packages that photographers can choose from, allowing them to purchase just the services they need. Agencies can also provide photographers with advice and support throughout their career, helping them to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques. photography.

Why Choose Our Dubai Photography Services?

Trendz Agency is a market-leading photography services provider in Dubai. We believe in delivering premium quality photography services based on the latest photography techniques. Our photographers are equipped with the latest high-end photography equipment to deliver stunning photographs for formal or corporate events. ammar.
Our team is experienced in the creative front when it comes to professional photography. Our photography services will help add a cinematic yet professional flare to your visual. videography.

photographer services

Dubai is home to the biggest and brightest. A destination to be seen to be believed, gigantic buildings atop man-made harbors rest in the warm waters of the bay, as a testament to the boundless attitude of its builders and pioneers. All surrounded by the golden sands of the desert beyond, so. this adult playground brought the world to its doorstep, 

visit the local souks inside Old Dubai or take a desert tour on camelback. With a multicultural community and giant shopping malls filled with world-class merchandise and entertainment. For a more traditional experience,… SEO services and photography.